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The Natural History of North-Carolina.
With an Account of the Trade, Manners, and Customs of the
Christian and Indian Inhabitants,
Illustrated with Copper-Plates, whereon are Curiously Engraved the Map of the
Country, several strange Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Snakes, Insects, Trees, and Plants, &c.

John Brickell (Dublin, 1737).



THE Honourable Capt. Richard Allen.
Stephen Allen, M. D.
Mr. Pat. Archbold.
Mr. John Archbold.
Mr. Richard Armstrong.


Edward Bond, Esq;
Worsopp Bush, Esq;
Edmond Barry, M. D.
Mr. Michael Barry, Attorney.
Mr. Peter Brandon.
Mr. James Brickell.
Mr. George Brickell.
Mr. William Brickell.
Mr. Robert Bijar.
Mr. Jos. Burry, Attorney.
Mr. Thomas Brennan.
Mr. Stearne Brock, Bookseller.
Mr. Alexander Brown.
Mr. Davis Bush, of Philadelphia, Merchant.
Mr. Henry Barton, Apothecary;
Mr. John Brenan,
Mr. Richard Baxter.
Mr. Benjamin Brickenden.
Mr. Martin Bourke.
Mr. Arthur Brerton.
Mr. Benjamin Bardon, Apothecary.


THE Honourable Thomas Coote, Esq;
The Revd. Charles Carthy, A. M.
William Clements, A. M. F. T. C. D.
Edmond Castello, Esq;
John Curry, M. D.
Mr. John Clinch.
Mr. Patrick Connor.
Mr. James Connor.
Mr. Patrick Cassidy, Attorney.
Mr. Call. McCarty.
Mr. Patrick Carrick.
Mr. John Carson, of Rathmullin.
Mr. Nathanial Carson, of Killough.
Mr. William Connor.
Mr. Samuel Card.
Mr. William Carlile.
Mr. John Common.
Mr. Edmond Cumerford.
Mr. Samuel Cleapem, Chirurgion.
Mr. Robert Calderwood.
Mr. Thomas Coote.


THE Revd. Patrick Delany, D. D.
Henry Davis, Esq;
Chap. Dawson,Esq;
Mr. Walter Davey.
Sam Davey.
Joseph Davey, Esq;
Mr. Moses Darling.
Mr. James Dove.
Mr. Oliver Delahoide.
Mr. Henry Delamain.
Mr. James Doyle.
Mr. James Dobbin.
Mrs. Judith Doran.
Mr. George Dogherty.
Mr. Walter Durham.
Mr. William Dane.


MR. Valentine Egan.
Mr. James English.
Mr. William Edwards, Apothecary.
Mr. James Easdell, Saddler.


SIR William Fowns, Bart.
Lewis Falliott, Esq;
John Fitch, Esq;
John Fergus, M. D.
Captain Samuel Farra.
Captain Matthew Fitzgerald.
Mr. Charles Franck.
Mr. William Floyd.
Mr. Peter Fitch.
Mr. Richard Fitzsimons.
Mr. Robert Finlay.
Mr. Francis Fitzgerald.


MR. James Glasco.
Miss Sophia Gordon.
Mr. Thomas Gilbert, Architect.
Mr. Andrew Gore, Jun.
Mr. Matthias Gower.


MR. Obadiah Hill.
Mr. Samuel Hill.
Mr. Thomas Hall.
Mr. Jos. Harper, Chirurgion.
Mr. Richard Harford.
Mr. William Hamilton.
Mr. John Hill.
Mr. William Heatly, Bookseller.
Mr. Phil. Hughes, A. B. T. C.
Mr. Anthony Hay.
Mr. Nicholas Hadfer, Chirurgion.
Mr. John Hamilton.
Mr. Hans Hamilton.
Mr. James Hamilton.
Mr. Kane O’Hara.
Mr. Thomas Holt, Attorney.
Mr. Thomas Hartwell.
Mr. Richard Harney.
Mr. John Hitman.


MR. William Jackson.
Mr. John Johnston.
Mr. William Johnson.
Mr. Samuel Johnson


THE Rt. Revd. Dr. Charles Cobbe, Bishop of Kildare.
Mr. William Keating, Chirurgion.
Mr. Charles Kelly.
Mr. Martin Killikelly.
Mr. Nathaniel McKinlie.
Mr. Charles Kelly.
Mr. Gilbert Kelly.
Mr. Nich. King.
Mr. James Keating.


THE Revd. Edward Ledwich, A. M.
Mr. Joseph Lamb.
Mr. Richard Lincoln.
Mr. Thomas Lynch.
Mr. William Lamb.
Mr. James Lee.
Mr. William Leary.
Mr. Edward Lynch.
Mr. Patrick Leary.


PATRICK Mitchell, Esq;
Topham Mitchell, Esq;
>Thomas Morse, Esq;
The Revd. John Maxwell, A. M.
The Revd. John Magill, A. M.
The Revd. John Moore, A. M.
Mr. Sam Monsell.
Mr. Patrick Murray.
Mr. Thomas Murphy.
Mr. Matthews, Attorney.
Mr. Bernard Messink.


JOSEPH Nelson, A. M.
Mr. William Neale.
Mr. Thomas Noble.


COLONEL Thomas Pollocxsen.
Gervas Parker, Esq;
Captain John Petry.
Mr. Samuel Parks, Chirurgion.
Mr. Matthew Pendergast.
Mr. Ur. Pepys.
Mr. Richard Pateson.
Mr. George Parker.
Mr. Robert Patten.
Coleman Pierson, Esq;
Mr. Abraham Panel, Apothecary.
Mr. William Philips.


MR. Jeremiah Quill.
Mr. John Quin.
Mr. Francis Quire.


SIR John Rowdon, Bart.
Francis Richardson,Esq;
Mr. John Stanton, Chirurion.
Mr. Richard Richardson.
Mr. Edward Richardson.
Mr. Thomas Reading.
Mr. Garret Ronan.
Mr. Christopher Russel, Chirurgion.
Mrs. Dorothea Rowdon.
Mr. Matthias Reily, Attorney.
Mr. James Reily.


JOHN Smith, Esq;
Mr. Frank Smith, T. C. D.
Mr. Matthew Slater.
Mr. Stephen Stretch.
Mr. John Shaw.
Mr. Hugh Shaw, Apothecary.
Mr. Robert Sisson.
Mr. Charles Seaton.
Mr. James Simon, Merchant.
Mr. Samuel Smith.
Mr. Matthew Swiny, Attorney.
Mr. John Smith.
Mr. Edward Smith, Chirurgion.
Mr. Edwards Sands.
Mr. Hugh Stafford.
Mr. Philip Swettenham.
Mr. Elias Shee.
Mr. Randal Stretch.


RICHARD Talbot, Esq;
John Taaffe, M. D.
Miss Margaret Tenison.
Mr. Joseph Taylor.
Mr. John Thornton.
Mr. Denis Tinan.
Mr. Thomas Tallon.
Mr. James Todderick.
Mr. Thomas Todderick.
Mr. James Thompson.
Mr. Matthew Templeton.
Mr. Daniel Tracy.
Mr. William Terrill.


Mr. Thomas Vincent.


Mr. Samuel White.
Mr. Thomas Wren.
Mr. Thomas Wilkinson of Kilkenny.
Mr. Isaac Wills.
Mr. Thomas Wetherlt.
Mr. Laurence Whyte.
Mr. James Wall.
Mr. Robert Whitehall.
Mr. Thomas Woods.
Mr. John Warham.
Mr. Cornelius Wunne.
Mr. Jacob West.
Mr. Michael Waldron.

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