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Anne Rutherfurd Schaw

[18 cont.] IT was a pleasant coincidence and a piece of great good fortune that, just as our Journal of a Lady of Quality was about to enter upon its sixth printing, there should have come to us new and important genealogical and other material that enabled us to perfect the text and justified us in issuing a third edition.

Up to date, the original manuscript of the Journal has not been found, but of the three contemporary handwritten copies known to us—the British Museum copy from which our text was printed; the copy owned by Mr. Vere Langford Oliver in England; and the copy in the possession of Colonel R. H. Vetch, a connection of the Schaws and the Rutherfurds—the last alone was not available to us for previous editions. Colonel Vetch has described his copy as “an old quarto volume of manuscript in buff boards” having “no inscription on the outside of the book” and “neither title nor heading inside.” ... “The contents,” he says, “are evidently [19] copies of letters in journal form, giving an account of a voyage from Scotland to the West Indies, and thence to North Carolina nearly 140 years ago.” It is a typewritten copy of this valuable Vetch manuscript that has, at last, come into our hands, a reward for patient years of hoping and waiting.

Following the fortunes of the Schaws and Rutherfurds, Colonel Vetch’s typewritten copy of the Journal, with his biographical notes, photographs of portraits and places pertaining to the families, came by inheritance into the possession of the Rutherfurd family settled in New Zealand and we wish to thank Mrs. Alexander Rutherfurd, Mrs. W. H. Nelson, and Mr. Francis Skiddy Marden, representatives of this group, for making this material available to us. But for their interest and generous cooperation in collecting this material and other data from various members of the family in New Zealand and getting it to us there could be no third edition of our Journal of a Lady of Quality.

Slight changes have been made in the text and various corrections will be found in the appendices; but of far greater importance is the addition of new biographical information which, for the first time, has enabled us to compile a fairly complete genealogical table of the Schaws and Rutherfurds of the Journal and their descendants.

It is to be regretted that no portrait of Janet Schaw herself can be found and no early portraits of the other members of the family who made the journey with her. But as Janet is said to have resembled her mother, a charming portrait of Anne Rutherfurd Schaw is included among the new illustrations. A Raeburn portrait of Alexander Schaw provides a worthy frontispiece for the new edition.


New Haven,
December 2, 1939.

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