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The Petition of Reuben Searcy and Others and An Address to the People of Granville County

The Petition of Reuben Searcy and Others



To the Worshipful Court of Granville County Greeting. The Petition of Sundry of the Inhabitants of the County aforesaid. We his Majesties true and faithful subjects humbly beg leave to shew your worships that notwithstanding the many Liberties Rights and Privileges granted us by his Majesty King George the Second etc. whose subjects we are and whose person Crown and dignity we are ready and willing now and at all other times to defend and do with the greatest sincerity profess true obedience and loyalty, but Liberty that dearest of names and Property that best of charters, seems to be too much detracted, as we verily believe by the illusive insinuations of Mr. Robert Jones, Jr. Therefore your Petrs. humbly pray your worships to take the same into your wise and deliberate considerations and as far as in your powers lie, redress and relieve your Petrs. with many others from his unjust impositions and exorbitancy. Therefore to proceed in the first place that eloquent Gentleman through his wiles and false insinuations to which art and chicanerie he owes his great success and high preferment in this Province that we your petitioners verily believe has not only impos’d on the inferior class of mankind but has likewise impos’d on his Excellency Arthur Dobbs Esqre. Governor etc., of this Province together with his Majesties’ Honourable Council that notwithstanding their wise and mature consideration together with their just honest and righteous intentions for the benefit and welfare of the inhabitants of this our Province in general, yet that gentlemen thro’ false and unjust Representations in matters relating to our County of Granville hath prevailed on his Excellency and Honours aforesd to issue a Commission of Peace for our said County thereby leaving out of said Commission several worthy gentlemen that were very serviceable and beneficial to our said County and more especially to the upper inhabitants thereof for the lack of which magistrates or a sufficient number of such your petitioners labour under great disadvantages and inconveniences and also Justice likely to be much retarded which certainly is very disagreeable to your worships as well as petitioners. And furthermore the Legislature of the Prov[181]ince have in their wise and deliberate consideration allowed and stated a set fee very sufficient for an Attorney practiseing in our said Province to have and receive for his care and trouble in prosecuting Suits in any of our Courts of Judicature but Mr. Jones instead of the fee allow’d by law frequently demands and receives double that fee without any matter or remorse of conscience, so that it has become a general practice and custom among chief of our Attornies, and by the great volubility of speech and the superiority that he by his wiles insinuations and chicanerie as aforesd has insinuated himself into, very frequently works on the passions of weak juries to blind their conception of Justice in order to gain his point so that men flock daily to him to comence very trivial and frivolous lawsuits which tends to the great disadvantage and prejudice of our inhabitants for all which insults and injuries your petitioners humbly beg your worships to exclude and prohibit the sd Mr. Jones from pleading at our barr for the future and your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray.

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