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Ye Countie of Albemarle in Carolina


Acts of assembly, approved by Lords Proprietors, 34; ref. to, 30

Admiral, High, of Carolina, 36

Adventurers, 36-37. See also Merchants; Shopkeeper

Advice of Lords Proprietors sought by council, 49

Advowson, power of, 19

Agent of colony sent to Lords Proprietors, 47, 50, 53, 59

Albemarle, Christopher Monck, second Duke of, signs letter to Peter Carteret, 43

Albemarle, George Monck, Duke of, issues and signs documents and letters as Proprietor, 3-4, 4-5, 13-16, 16-28, 28-30; death of, 34. See also Monck, George

Albemarle County, area, 29; Peter Carteret appointed councillor and assistant governor, 3-4; ceases to exist as unit of government, xxxii; description of, xxviii-xxix; doctor in, xxix; form of land grant in, 26-27; officials and features of government, xvi; region outside Lords Proprietors’ territory, xxvi

Albemarle Sound, limit of Heath grant, xvi. See also Roanoke sea; Roanoke sound

Allegiance, oath of to be taken by officeholders, 17-18

Almonds, 25

America, 38

Ambergris, 42n

Animals. See Beasts of prey; Cattle; Livestock

Appalachian mountains to be explored, 42n

Appointment of minor officials by General Assembly, 23

Argall, Capt. Samuel, leads expedition to Chowan, xv

Armor, xx

Arms and ammunition, xx, xxi, 21, 22, 25, 33, 45, 48. See also Powder and shot

Ashley, Baron, Anthony Ashley

Cooper, issues and signs documents and letters as Proprietor, 3-4, 4-5, 13-16, 16-28, 28-30, 33-35, 36-37, 41-43. See also Cooper,

Anthony Ashley

Ashley River settlement, 34n, 42

Assembly, answer to petition of, 12; not called, 52; with governor and council makes demands of Proprietors, 1665, 8. See also General Assembly; Grand Assembly

Assistant governor, Peter Carteret appointed, 3-4. See also Deputy governor

Attorney, in Albemarle, 63

Bacon’s rebellion, 42n

Bahamas, 14

Bank deposit of rents, 35

Barbadian, settlers, xxvii; system recommended for Albemarle, 8. See also Colleton, Sir John; Hilton, William; Yeamans, Sir John

Barbados, 7, 12, 40n; market for whale products, 31, 32

Baronies and other divisions, to be established, 20

Batts, Capt. Nathaniel, xxiii, xxix

Batts House, xxiii

Beasts of prey, 31, 32

Beef, 12

Bennett, Major General Richard, leads expedition against Indians, xix

Berkeley, Frances Culpeper Stephens, brief sketch of, 42n. See also Culpeper, Frances

Berkeley, George Lord, xviii

Berkeley, Sir John, 32; defended royal family, xxv; in Ireland, 41; issues and signs documents and letters as Proprietor, 3-4, 4-5, 13-16, 16-28, 28-30, 33-35, 36-37; Palatine, 54. See also Plantations of Lords Proprietors

Berkeley, Sir William, adheres to Charles II, xxv; Carolina affairs in the hands of, xxvi, xxviii; Carolina grant, xxiv-xxv; documents issued in name of, as Proprietor, 3-4, 4-5, 13-16; governor of Virginia, xviii; letter on death of Governor Stephens, 37-38; report on Carolana, xx; to appoint governor of Albemarle, xxiii

Berkeley Island, xx

Berkeley precinct, 43n

Bertie county, xxiii

Bird, Valentine, brief sketch of, 46n; speaker of council, 44, 45, 48, 50

Bitt Hall [on Colleton Island?], 13

Bland, Edward, explores region, xx; publishes promotional tract, xx, xxi

Blount, James, brief sketch of, 45n; member of council, 45, 48, 50

Bonnefeild, Mr., 10

Boroughs to be erected by General Assembly, 21

Boston, Mass., 42n

Boswell, William, xviii

Bristol, England, letter dated from, 8; mentioned, 11

Buckworth, John, identified, 60n; statement to Lords Proprietors concerning Peter Carteret’s accounts, 58-60

Calendar change, 11

Cambridge University, 39n, 40n, 42n

Camden County, 12n

Canary Islands, 9

Canary wine, to be produced, 8

Cape Fear, 8; included in territory held by King Charles I, xvi; limit of Virginia Company territory, xiii

Cape Fear River, settlement on, xxvi-xxvii

Capital punishment, 23, 38

Capitol. See State house

Carelyle (Carlisle) Island, 6n

Carolana, access to, xix; name applied to Heath’s grant, xvi

Carolina, 8; first official use of name, xxiv

Carpenter, in Albemarle, 12; to be sent, 8

Carteret, Sir George, 32; acquires interest of other Lords Proprietors in Albemarle [plantation], 65; High Admiral of Carolina, 36; in Ireland, 31, 32; issues and signs documents and letters as Proprietor, 3-4, 4-5, 13-16, 16-28, 28-30, 33-35, 36-37, 41-43; letter from Peter Carteret, 60-61, 64-66; money advanced by, 57; position, xxv; warrant to Peter Carteret, 36; with King Charles II, 10. See also Plantations of Lords Proprietors

Carteret, Peter, account of years 1666-1673 in Albemarle, 61-64; agent of colony to Lords Proprietors, 47, 50, 53; appointed councillor and assistant governor, 3-4; appointed governor, 39-41; appointed secretary and chief registrar, 4-5; assistant governor and councillor, and secretary, xxviii; brief account of, 3n; deputy palatine, 54; expects to return to Albemarle, 65; financial accounts, 55-57, 58-60; governor of Virginia [!], 49; instructions from Grand Council, 44-49; leaves colony, xxxi; letters from: Sir John Colleton, 5-9, 11-13, Sir Peter Colleton, 30-32, Thomas Eastchurch, 43-44, John Whitty, 9-10; letters to Sir George Carteret, 60-61, 64-66; seeks plantation and stock, 61; seeks secretary’s position, 65; signs letter with council to Lords Proprietors, 53; to be lieutenant colonel of Albemarle forces, 32-33; to go to England, 32; warrant from Sir George Carteret, 36; warrant to John Jenkins, deputy governor, 53-54

Carteret, Philip, governor of New Jersey, 3n

Cary, Shershaw, brief sketch of, 8n; mentioned, 11

Cask, 12

Castles, to be built, 21

Catchmaid, George, brief sketch of, 29n; grant of land, 1662, xxiv; mentioned, 39n; speaker of assembly, 29

Caththega, xiv

Cattle, left with Indians by New Englanders at Cape Fear settlement, xxvi. See also Livestock

Chancy, Edmund, brief sketch of, 46n; member of council, 45, 48, 50

Charles I, King, directs Virginia governor to assist Carolana colonization, xvi; takes over Virginia Company territory, xvi

Charles II, King, xxiv, 10, 65

Charles Island, xx

Charles River (Cape Fear), settlement on, xxvi-xxvii

Charles Town, on Ashley River, 42n; on Cape Fear River, xxvii

Charter of 1663, copy delivered to Sir William Berkeley in Virginia, 6n; granted, xxiv; provisions cited, xxv; of 1665, extends limits of colony, xxvi

Charters for cities and towns, to be granted by General Assembly, 21

Chief Registrar, Peter Carteret appointed, 4-5; duties of, 17. See also Register

Chief seat of province, 34. See also State house

Children, to have land when of age, 45, 48. See also Orphans

Chowan precinct, xxix

Chowan region, 6n; to be explored, xiv, xv, xx

Chowan River (Choanocki), xiv; xv, xx, xxi; cited as southern boundary of Virginia, xxii

Chowan River Indians, expedition against from Virginia, xviii-xix

Chowan River valley, explored, xx

Church conditions in Virginia, xxii

Church of England, xviii

Church planned, 35

Churches, land for, 27; no evidence of in Albemarle, xxix

Cities and towns, 6n, 26; lots, 26, 28; streets in, 27; to be chartered by General Assembly, 21. See also Towns; Villages

Civil officials, appointed by General Assembly, 23.

Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, death, 65; dismissed from public office and charged with treason, 13; issues and signs documents as Proprietor, 3-4, 4-5. See also Hyde, Edward

Clarendon County, xxvi-xxvii, 26n

Cleared ground, 7, 57, 62

Clifford, Thomas, 44n

Clothing, for colonists, 12, 31, 32; for servants when freed, 56; recommended for Carolana, xvii, xx

Cockpit, Whitehall Palace, London, letter dated from, 28

Colonization, planned, xix; proposed by Heath, xvi, xvii-xviii, by Maltravers, xvi, xvii; said to have been started by Mariot, xvii

Colleton, Sir John, xvii; and Carolina grant, xxiv-xxv; issues and signs documents as Proprietor, 3-4, 4-5; letters to Peter Carteret, 5-9, 11-13; maintains royal cause, xxv; money advanced by, 57

Colleton, Sir Peter, brief sketch of, 14n; issues and signs documents and letters as Proprietor, 13-16, 16-28, 28-30, 33-35, 36-37, 41-43; letter to Peter Carteret, 30-32; money advanced by, 57; receives whale oil, 57, 59. See also Plantations of Lords Proprietors

Colleton Island, 6n, 9, 10, 12, 13, 31, 32; house on, 62; owned by Sir John Colleton, xxix; plantation on, 57

Collington Island. See Colleton Island

Colonists, qualifications, xviii

Comberford, Nicholas, mapmaker, xxiii

Commander-in-chief, 23, 32, 40-41

Common-wealth of Oceana, xxx

Commons, 25

Connor, R. D. W., quoted, xxxi

Conscience, liberty of, 19, 20. See also Religious liberty

Cooper, Anthony Ashley, Baron Ashley, afterwards Earl of Shaftesbury, position, xxv. See also Ashley, Baron

Cooper, in Albemarle, 12

Copland, the Rev. Patrick, mentions Pory exploration in sermon, xv

Copper mines, xv; of Ritanoc, xiv

Cork, 63

Corn, xxvii, xxxi, 7, 12, 62, 63; gathered twice a year, xv

Coroner, appointed by General Assembly, 23

Council, appoints Peter Carteret governor, 39-41; composition of, xxx, 40; seeks advice of Lords Proprietors, 49; to advise governor, 16; to sign land warrants, 26, 27. See also Grand Council

Council and governor, letter to Lords Proprietors, 51-53

Councillor, Peter Carteret appointed, 3-4

Councillors, to advise governor, 16-17

County government, functions listed, xvi

Cour del Cherva (silk-grass), xiv

Courts, established by General Assembly, 20; supervision of, 23

Coxe, Dr. Daniel, has interest in Carolina, xvii

Crafford, William, brief sketch of, 10n

Craven, William Lord, 7, 56, 57, 60; issues and signs documents and letters as Proprietor, 3-4, 4-5, 13-16 16-28, 28-30, 33-35, 36-37, 41-43; supports royal family, xxv. See also Plantations of Lords Proprietors

Craven County (South Carolina), xxxi

Crawford, William. See Crafford, William

Criminal courts, 23

Culpeper, Frances, wife of Samuel Stephens, 14n. See also Berkeley, Frances Culpeper Stephens

Culpeper, John, 40n; surveyor general chosen governor, xxxii

Culpeper’s Rebellion, xxxii, 30n, 39n, 40n, 44n, 45n, 46n, 47n See also Factions within colony

Currituck precinct, xxix; region visited, xxii

Customs, collector of, 42n, 46n; duty exemption from, 25

Dare county, 6n

Date, explanation of, 11

De Carteret. See Carteret

Deeds, to be recorded, 17

de Licques, Peter, xviii

Deputy governor, 17, 19. See also Assistant governor

Dew, Col. Thomas, leads expedition against Indians, xix

Discovery and exploration: of Albemarle region, xiii, xiv, xv, xviii, xx-xxi, xxii; of Cape Fear River region, xxvi, xxvii; of passage between Albemarle and Ashley River settlements, 42

Discovery of New Brittaine, 1650, The, xx

Doctor, in Albemarle county, xxix

Drought, xxxi, 62, 63

Drummond, William, governor of Albemarle, xxiii, 8n, 9, 9n, 11, 12

Durant, George, deed, 1662, xxiv, xxxii, 39n, 40n

Eastchurch, Thomas, xxxiii, 39n; brief sketch of, 44n; letter to Governor Peter Carteret, 43-44

Education. See Illiteracy

Elections, 16, 19, 24

Elizabeth I, Queen, xiii

Enclosures (fences), 7. See also Fences

Engrossers, 29, 45, 48, 52; act against, 36-37

Exeter, England, letter dated from, 6

Expeditions from Virginia, against Indians, 1646, xviii-xix

Factions within colony, 38, 52. See also Culpeper’s Rebellion

Famine, 63, 64

Farmers, xxii

Fences, 12, 60, 62, 63. See also Enclosures

Fine, to be paid in tobacco, 37

Food to be taken to Carolana by colonists, xvii-xviii

Forts, land for, 27; to be built, 21

Fortsen, Mary, will of, xxiv

Foster, Richard, brief sketch of, 40n; member of council, 39-41, 45, 48, 50, 53

Fox, George, xxiii

Free passage through seas, sounds, rivers, etc., 28

Freemen, 18

French, note in, 65

French Protestants as colonists, xvii

Fruits, 25

Fundamental Constitutions, xxix-xxx, 54; comment on by council, 51-53; followed, 49; sent to governor and council, 33-35; sets up Grand Council, 47

Gates, Sir Thomas, governor of Virginia, xiv

Gazette, mentioned, 65

General Assembly, membership and organization authorized, 19; powers and duties of, 19-24. See also Assembly; Grand Assembly

Gepanocon, Indian protects survivors of Raleigh’s colony, xiv

Gillam, Capt. Zacharias, xxxii

Glass beads for Indian trade, xxviii. See also Indian trade

Glebe land, 27

Godfrey, Francis, brief sketch of, 40n; member of council, 40-41

Gold and silver mines, half of reserved, 27

Government of Albemarle. See Fundamental Constitutions

Government proposed for Heath colony, xvii

Governor, as commander-in-chief, 23, 32; of Carolana, 1649, reported, xix; to be elected by officials of Albemarle, 37, 38; salary, 28n, 59. See also Commander-in-chief; names of individual governors as Drummond, Stephens, etc.

Governor and council, letter to Lords Proprietors, 51-53; powers of, xxviii

Grand Assembly, 29, 37. See also Assembly; General Assembly

Grand Council, instructions to Governor Peter Carteret and John Harvey, 44-45, 46-49; letter to Lords Proprietors, 49-50; provided for in Fundamental Constitutions, xxx. See also Council

Grapes, 7, 8, 9, 12; seed, 11; propagation of vines, 11. See also Vineyards; Wine

Grazing land, 25

Great Deed of Grant, 14n

Green, the Rev. Roger, xxi, xxii

Greenland, mentioned, 31

Hampton Court Palace, England, 10

Harbin, Mr., 57

Harbors, land for, 27; to be created, 20

Hariot, Thomas, xx

Harrington, James, xxx

Harris, Thomas, brief sketch of, 43n; clerk to the council, 43, 54

Hartwell, Capt. Henry, commissioned to settle part of Maltravers’ grant, xvii

Harvey, John (d. 1679), accompanies Peter Carteret as far as New York, xxxi; assistant to governor, 45, 47; brief sketch of, 39n; chosen agent of colony to Lords Proprietors, 47, 50, 53; instructions from Grand Council, 44-45, 46-49; letter to Lords Proprietors, 48; member of council, 39-41, 53

Harvey, Sir John (fl. 1630-1639), governor of Virginia, xvi

Harvey’s Neck, 39n

Hatchets, for Indian trade, xxviii. See also Indian trade

Hatteras, xiii

Hawley, Capt. Henry, commissioned deputy governor of a part of Maltravers’ grant, xvii

Heath, Sir Robert, grant revoked, xxiv; receives grant, xvi

High Admiral of Carolina, 36

High Steward, 14n

Highways, land for, 27. See also Streets

Hilton, William, explores Cape Fear, xxvii

Hog house, 62, 63

Hogs, wild, 62

Holden, Robert, 42, 43-44; brief sketch of, 42n

Houses, xxix, 28, 57, 60, 62, 63; built at Cape Fear, xxvii; built on Roanoke Island for Indian chief, 1654, xxii; lease and sale to be recorded, 17; value of, 59

Howard, Henry Frederick. See Maltravers, Lord

Howard, Thomas. See Norfolk, Duke of

Hundreds and other divisions, to be established, 20

Hurricanes, xxxi, 59, 62, 63

Hyde, Edward, Earl of Clarendon, position, xxv; Proprietary share, xxxii. See also Clarendon, Earl of

Illiteracy, xxiv, xxix, 45

Incorporation of cities, towns, boroughs, villages, 21

Indian territory, 42

Indian trade, xx, xxi-xxii, xxvii, xxviii, 42, 43. See also Glass beads; Hatchets

Indians, burn rail fences, 60; expedition against, xviii-xix; mischief from, 29; sell land, xix, xxii, 29n, 39n

Indigo, xxvii

Inheritance of land by orphans, 22

Ipswich, Mass., 46n

Ireland, 31, 32, 41

Isle of Wight county, Virginia, 45n

James I, King, xvi

Jamestown, Virginia, xiii, xiv; records to be kept there of Carolana settlers, xvii

Jarvis, Thomas, brief sketch of, 46n; member of council, 45, 48, 50

Jenkins, John, acting governor, xxxi; brief sketch of, 39n; deputy governor, 53-54; member of council, 39-41, 45, 48, 50, 53

Jenings, William, brief sketch of, 46n; member of council, 45, 48, 50

Judge, 40n

Justices, appointed by General Assembly, 23

Keile, Thomas, 10n

Ketchmaid, George. See Catchmaid, George

Kilcocanan, King of Yeopim Indians, xxiv

Knives for Indian trade, xxviii. See also Indian trade

Knobbes Creek, 46n

laCloche, Rachel, 66

L’Amy, Hugh, xviii

Land, granted to early settlers, 25-26; held and planted seven years not to be subject to resurvey, 24-25; how granted in Albemarle, xxviii, 14-15, 21-23, 24-28; instructions for granting, 14-15; method of taking up to be determined by governor, council, and assembly, 29; needed by Virginia colonists for settlement, xviii; petition concerning holding of, 29; purchased from Indians, xix, xxii, 39n; records to be maintained, 5, 17; reserved for Proprietors, 29; settling of, 7; size of divisions, 26; size of single grants, 45, 48, 51. See also City lots; Plantations of Lords Proprietors

Land warrants and grants, 24; form of grant, 26-27

Langston, Anthony, brief sketch of, 28n

Laws, acts, and constitutions to be enacted by General Assembly, 19-20, 23; how made in Albemarie, xxviii; passed since first settlement of Albemarle, 49; to be made in colony, 15-16

Lawsuits to be recorded, 17

Letter, concerning Carolana in 1649, xix, xxi

Livestock, xxvi, 6, 7, 11, 12, 22, 25, 29, 43, 57, 59, 60, 62, 63; available in Virginia, xix; inventory of requested, 31, 32; shelters, xxxi, 62, 63

London, England, as market for whale products, 31, 32; letter dated from, 9; mentioned, 7; note dated from, 65, 65n; plague, 7, 10. See also Cockpit, St. James’, Whitehall

Lords Proprietors, documents and letters from, 3-4, 4-5, 13-16, 16-28, 28-30, 33-35, 41-43; letter from governor and council, 51-53; receive charter, xxiv, xxv; receive statement on Peter Carteret’s accounts, 58-60; with King Charles II, 10. See also names of individual Lords Proprietors; Plantations of Lords Proprietors

Lost Colony of 1587, xiii; four members alive, xiv; slain by Powhatan, xiv

Lovelace, Francis, former governor of New York, 65

Lower Norfolk County, Virginia, 10n, 40n

Ludwell, Philip, xxxii, 42n

Ludwell, Thomas, 6n

Mace, Samuel, to search for Lost Colony, xiii

Maltravers, Henry Frederick Howard, Lord, receives Heath’s interests in Carolana, xvi

Manor, 27

Manors and other divisions, to be established, 20

Manqueocke, xiv

Map of the South Part of Virginia, xxiii

Market places in Virginia, xxii

Mariot, Mr., steward to Duke of Norfolk, said to have started Carolana settlement, xvii

Masts, xv

Maurice, Prince, regiment of, 28n

Medgeley, John, 56

Meherrin River valley explored, xx

Merchants, xx, 8n, 14n, 57n, 60n. See also Adventurers; Shopkeeper

Military, commissions, 23-24; officers to be supervised by General Assembly, 23; training, 33. See also Militia; Soldiers; War

Militia, to be exercised, 24

Miller, Thomas, deputy governor, 44n; governor, xxxii

Mines, half of, reserved, 27

Ministers or preachers, appointed by General Assembly, 19; to be supervised by General Assembly, 23; to have land, 27

Moderate Intelligencer, The, xix

Monck, Christopher, second Duke of Albemarle. See Albemarle, Christopher Monck, second Duke of

Monck, George, Duke of Albemarle, position, xxv. See also Albemarle, Duke of

Moratuck River. See Roanoke River

Muster of troops, 33

Names for geographic divisions, how assigned, 20

Nansemond County, Virginia, xix, 29n, 44n

Nansemond River, Virginia, xxi

Naturalization process, in hands of General Assembly, 21

Navigation Acts, xxxii

Negroes, 7

Neuse River, 22n

New Begun Creek, 46n

New Brittaine (Albemarle region), xx

New Englanders, explore and settle near mouth of Cape Fear River, xxvi, xxvii

New York, 43, 65; letter dated from, 48

Nixon, John, 31, 41; brief sketch of, 30n; goes to Albemarle, 30; member of council, 53

Nobility, hereditary, provided for in Fundamental Constitutions, xxx

Norfolk, Thomas Howard, Duke of, xvii

Norfolk, County of, established in southern Virginia, xvi

North River, 12

Oath of allegiance, by officials, 17-18

Oconahoen, xiv

Office-holding, property qualification, xxx

Officers appointed by governor, term of, 17

Oil, 25, 62, 63. See also Whale oil

Olives, 26

Orphans, land inherited by, 22. See also Children

Overseers (of Lords Proprietors’ plantations), 6, 10, 32, 60; wages of, 61. See also Plantations of Lords Proprietors

Oxford, England, 10

Oxford University, 44n

Palatine, 37; Sir John Berkeley succeeds Albemarle, 34; deputy, 54

Pamlico River, 44n

Pardon by Lords Proprietors, 24

Parish to have land for minister, 27

Parishes and other divisions to be made, 19, 20

Parliament provided for in Fundamental Constitutions, xxx

Pasquotank precinct, xxix; in 1668, 33

Pasquotank River, xxxii, 12, 46n

Passage through seas, sounds, rivers, etc., to be free, 28

Patronage, right of, 19

Pearce, Thomas, brief sketch of, 46n; member of council, 45, 48, 50

Peccarecamicke River, xiv

Peirsey, Elizabeth, mother of Samuel Stephens, 14n

Perquimans precinct, xxix, 43n

Pines, xv

Pitch, xv

Plague, in London, 7, 10

Plantations: accounts of 55-57, 58-60, cleared land, 57, 59, condition of, 60-61, interest acquired by Sir George Carteret, 65, location, 57, on Colleton Island and Powells Point, 57; of Lords Proprietors (John Berkeley, Carteret, Peter Colleton, Craven), wanted by Peter Carteret, 61, work on, 61-64. See also Overseers

Plumpton, Henry, buys land from Indians, xix

Plymouth, England, 8, 46n

Pocone root, Sanguinaria canadensis (Pochon), xiv

Population estimates, xxvii, xxviii

Pork, 7, 12

Port Royal settled, to be chief seat of province, 34. See also Ashley River settlement

Ports, to be created, 20. See also Harbors

Pory, John, xx; explores Chowan region, xv

Potatoes, xxvii

Poverty, 64

Powder and shot, 8, 9, 11, 35. See also Arms and ammunition

Powells Point, plantation cleared, 62; plantation on, 57; to be reserved for Lords Proprietors, 7

Preachers. See Ministers

Precincts, xxix, 35; to be established, 20. See also Berkeley, Chowan, Currituck, Pasquotank, Perquimans precinct

President of General Assembly, 19

Princess, ship, 28n

Prison, planned, 35

Produce of Carolana, xix

Property qualification for office-holding, xxx

Proprietary deputy in colony, 30n, 34, 36, 39n, 40n. See also Palatine

Proprietors. See Lords Proprietors

Protestants as colonists, xvii, xviii

Provisions, 9, 58, 59; to be sold at reasonable rates, 36-37. See also Supplies

Public houses, land for, 27

Public Record Office, London, Carolana records, xvii-xviii

Public storehouse, 35

Punishment by courts, 23

Pursuit of enemy by sea, 21

Quartering house, 57

Quit rents, xxvii, 15, 27, 28, 35, 45, 47, 51, 52

Rail fences, burnt by Indians, 60

Rain, 62

Raleigh, Sir Walter, xiii, xiv, xx

Records of colony, 54; of Carolana settlers, xvii; of county, to be open, 5; of land grants, how kept, 26; of seventeenth century Carolina, xxiv, xxix

Register, to be kept of acts, orders, and constitutions of governor and council, 5, 17

Register (Registrar), 26, 40n. See also Chief Registrar; Secretary

Religion. See Church

Religious liberty, 18. See also Conscience, liberty of

Rent. See Quit rent

Reprieve, 24

Rhine, Germany, grape seed from, 8

Ritanoc, copper mines of, xiv. See also Copper mines

Rivers, seas, sounds, etc., passage through to be free, 28

Roanoke, Batts governor of, xxiii, xxix

Roanoke colonists. See Lost Colony of 1587

Roanoke Inlet, 6n

Roanoke Island, xiii, xix; owned by Samuel Stephens, xxix, 42n; ruins of English fort on, xxii; house built for Indian chief, xxii

Roanoke River, xix, xx, xxiii, 39n

Roanoke River valley explored, xx

Roanoke (Rawnocke) sea [Albemarle Sound?], xiv

Roanoke (Albemarle) Sound, xxiii, xxiv

Roots and bark, gathered for English market, xiii-xiv

Rouen, France, 65

Roxbury, Mass., church collects funds for relief of Cape Fear settlement, xxvii

Sabin, Joseph, quoted, xxx

St. James’, London, England, letter dated from, 11, 30, 31

St. Mary’s, Maryland, meeting at, on tobacco, 8n

St. Peter, Jersey, 66

Salary, of governor of Albemarle, 28n, 59; of servants, 56. See also Wages

Sale of provisions, at reasonable rates, 36-37

Salisbury, England, 10

Salmon Creek, xxiii

Salt, 6

Sandys, Sir Edwin, and George, 65n

Schools, no evidence of, in Albemarle county, xxix

Sea, enemy to be pursued by, 21; sounds, rivers, etc., passage through to be free, 28

Seal of the County of Albemarle, 5, 23, 26, 27, 39, 54; of the Province of Carolina, 4, 5, 16, 29

Seals on documents, 3, 4, 5-6, 13, 30, 32, 36, 43

Seas, sounds, rivers, etc., passage through to be free, 28

Seat of province, Port Royal designed as, 34. See also State house

Secretary, 26, 42n, 54; duties, 7; Peter Carteret appointed, 4-5; Peter Carteret seeks position, 65; to be appointed by Lords Proprietors, xxviii

Servants, 7, 22, 25, 27, 45, 48, 59, 62, 63; passage for, 58; salaries and freedom clothes, 56

Settlement, early, 1653: xxi; 1657: xxiii

Settlement on land grants, required, 27

Shaftesbury, Earl of. See Ashley, Baron; Cooper, Anthony Ashley

Sheriffs of precincts, 35

Sherminton, Mr. and Mrs., 10

Shipping, xv, 6n, 7; penalties for shipping through Virginia, 45, 48; ports and harbors for, 20-21

Shoes transported to Virginia, 6n

Shopkeeper, 37. See also Adventurers; Merchants

Sickness, xxxi, 7, 8, 62

Silk, 25

Silk-grass, xiv, xv

Silver and gold mines, half of, reserved, 27

Slaughter house. See Quartering house

Smith, John, attempts to send men to Chowan in 1608, xiv

Soil of Carolana, described, xix

Soldiers, to be trained by General Assembly, 21, 33. See also Military; Militia; War

Sothel, Seth, xxxi, xxxii, 45n-46n

Sounds, seas, rivers, etc., passage through to be free, 28

Southern plantation [in Albemarle region?], 1662, xxiii, xxviii, 14n

State house, planned, 35

Stephens, Frances Culpeper, 14n. See also Berkeley, Frances Culpeper Stephens

Stephens, Samuel, 42; brief sketch of, 14n; commander of southern plantation, xxiii, xxviii, 14n; commission from Lords Proprietors to be governor of Albemarle, 13, 28; death of, 37-38, 39; instructions from Lords Proprietors, 16-28; letter from Lords Proprietors 28-30; people well satisfied with, 30, 31; reappointed governor by Sir John Berkeley, 34; sent copy of Fundamental Constitutions, 33-35; warrant to Peter Carteret, 32-33

Steward, High, 14n

Stock. See Livestock

Storehouse, public, 35

Storms, 59. See also Hurricanes

Streets, building of to be regulated by General Assembly, 28; land for, 27

Sugar cane, xx

Suing, act concerning, 45, 48

Supplies for Albemarle, 31, 32. See also Provisions

Surry County, Virginia, 46n

Surveyor General, 5, 26, 44; duties, 17; deputy, 26; to be appointed by Lords Proprietors, xxviii

Swerin, Benjamin, 42

Tar, xv

Taxes, exemption for certain land, 27; and General Assembly, 20, 24

Territorial waters, extent of, 40

Timber, 62. See also Pines; Trees

Tobacco, xx, xxii, xxvii, xxxi, 6n, 7, 8n, 12, 56, 57, 62, 63; fine to be paid in, 37

Tooke, Dorothy, 39n. See also Tuke, Thomas

Tools, for colonists, xviii, xx, 12; value of, 57

Town community, begun on Cape Fear by New Englanders, xxvi

Towns, 37, 45, 48, 52; advocated in Virginia, xxii; none in Albemarle, xxix; to be established, 21, 35. See also Cities and towns; Villages

Townships, 26

Traders. See Indian trade

Transportation to Carolana, cost of, xviii, xx

Trees, broken in hurricane, 62. See also Pines; Timber

Tribes and other divisions to be established, 19, 20

Troops, to be trained, 21, 33. See also Military; Militia

“Tryon’s Palace,” xxix, 35n

Tuke, Thomas, xix, 39n. See also Tooke, Dorothy

Van Tromp, Cornelius, 65

Vassall, Samuel, xviii

Vermin, 31, 32

Villages, to be built, 21. See also Cities and towns; Towns

Vines, xiv

Vineyards, 7, 8, 12. See also Grapes; Wine

Virginia, xiii-xxxii, passim; 3, 6n, 7, 10n, 11, 14n, 28n, 29n, 39n, 40n, 42n, 43n, 44n, 45n, 46n, 48, 49

Virginia Company of London, xiii, charter vacated, xv-xvi; council instructs Virginia governor to explore region, xiv

Virginia’s Cure, xxii

Virginia: More Especially the South Part thereof, Richly and Truly Valued, xix-xx

Wages, for overseers, 61. See also Salary

War, General Assembly to declare, 21; with French and Dutch, 12. See also Military; Militia; Soldiers

Watermarks, 6, 11, 16, 28, 30, 33, 36, 43, 44, 46, 49, 51, 53, 55, 58

Weather. See Drought; Hurricanes; Storms

Westminster Abbey, London, Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, buried in, 65

Weyanook Creek, xix, 39n

Whalebone, 31, 32

Whales and whale fishing, 31, 32, 63. See also Ambergris

Whale oil, 31, 32, 57, 59. See also Oil

White, John, xxii

Whitehall, London, letters dated from, 43, 49, 51

Whitty, Capt. John, 8, 11, 12, 58; brief account of, 6n; letter to Peter Carteret, 9-10

Williams, Edward, author of tract, xix, xxi

Willoughby, John, 45, 48, 50, 53; brief sketch of, 40n; member of council 40-41

Wine, 7, 8, 9, 12, 25. See also Grapes; Vineyards

Winocke, xiv

Wood, Capt. Abraham, explores region, xx

Woodward, Thomas, brief account of 8n; surveyor, 11n

Wrecks to be received and recovered, 42n

Ye, use and pronunciation, viii

Yeamans, Sir John, 34n; heads colony, xxvii

Yeardley, Francis, visits Currituck-Roanoke Island region, xxii

Yeopim Indians, xxiv

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