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Sgt. Peter Jones, 45th North Carolina
Sgt. Peter Jones
45th North Carolina
As one of its projects to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Civil War, the North Carolina Confederate Centennial Commission initiated, and the North Carolina Office of Archives and History has continued, the compilation and publication of a new, comprehensive roster of all North Carolinians who served during the war. Published under the title of North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster, this series, when completed, will comprise approximately twenty-two individually indexed volumes, each of which will be approximately 600 pages in length and contain the names and service records of approximately 6,000 soldiers, and histories of the units in which they served. A master index to the entire series will list the names of approximately 125,000 military personnel and the volumes and pages on which their service records appear.

The rosters contained in each volume are arranged numerically by regiment or battalion and then alphabetically by company, and each roster is preceded by a unit history. Officers and enlisted men are then listed in separate sections, the arrangement being (with a few exceptions) alphabetical by surname. Each name is followed by a service record that includes information such as the soldier’s county of birth and residence; his age and occupation at time of enlistment; promotions; whether he was wounded, captured, or killed; and whether he deserted or died of disease.

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Pvt. A. J. Daniel, 61st North Carolina
Pvt. A. J. Daniel
61st North Carolina

Volume XVII contains the history and rosters of the North Carolina Junior Reserves. The Junior Reserves were 17-year-old boys drafted in the last year of the war, as the Confederacy faced a disastrous shortfall in manpower. Between the spring and fall of 1864, North Carolina raised eight battalions of Junior Reserves, from all parts of the state. They were later consolidated into three regiments, with one battalion left over. They were originally intended to guard bridges and depots in North Carolina, but the exigencies of the war drew them into combat. They saw action in a number of minor clashes in eastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia, as well as in the battles of Fort Fisher and Bentonville.

Volume XVIII contains the histories and rosters of the North Carolina Senior Reserves and the North Carolina units of Detailed Men. The Senior Reserves were men between the ages of 45 and 50, who were called into service in 1864, as the Confederacy was feeling the effects of the Union’s larger numbers. North Carolina raised five regiments, four battalions, and two independent companies of Senior Reserves, from all parts of the state except those under Union occupation. At various times, Senior Reserves guarded bridges and depots, rounded up deserters, and guarded prisoners at Salisbury and elsewhere. Some saw action in South Carolina with General Hardee as he attempted to hold off the Federal advance to North Carolina, some aided in the defense of Fort Fisher, and some fought at Bentonville, the last major battle of the war. In the fall of 1864, the Confederate government decided that it could no longer afford to have white men working “on detail” in non-combat operations, and ordered them to be organized into military units. Eventually, three regiments, two battalions, and an independent company were organized from the detailed men in North Carolina.

The contents of subsequent volumes will be determined by the amount of information we discover for the various units. Volume XIX will probably cover the Independent Battalions, Independent Companies, miscellaneous units, the Militia and Home Guard, and unassigned conscripts. Volume XX will probably cover N.C. companies in units from other states and units raised by the Confederate government, and N.C. men in the Confederate Navy and Marines. Volumes XXI and XXII will probably cover N.C. Union units, white and black. Then will follow a master index to the entire series, probably in two volumes.

We expect also to publish a volume or two or three of addenda to the series, containing information we have received since the publication of a soldier’s service record. If you have reliable information regarding a North Carolina soldier in the Civil War, we would appreciate it if you would e-mail it to Matthew Brown. Examples of valuable information include a soldier's full name, birth and death date, place of residence, and any information relating to his service in the war. Please include the company and regiment in which the soldier served, and please include your source of information. We can only include in our series information we deem to be reliable.

If you are so fortunate as to have an original document relating to someone’s service in the Civil War, such as a letter or diary or official document, we would appreciate it if you would contact Matthew Brown, especially if the document relates to a soldier serving in a unit for which we have not yet published a roster. By sharing with us a copy of such a document, you can contribute to North Carolina history!

For those of you who have the original printings of the first seven volumes of the series, copies of the addenda sections to those volumes are available for $4.50 each. Reprinted editions of the first seven volumes include the addenda sections.

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